modern square dance

Ready for something different? We NEED People Like You!

Want a challenge?  Looking for something FUN to do?  Bored??  We have the answer!

Modern Square Dance is the perfect recreation for active people of all ages, providing endless hours of fun as you dance and socialize with a community of friends. Most often heard comment, "I had no idea it would be THIS much fun!"


MYTH #1: It's just 'ally-man' left and 'ally-man' right.

It's much more!  Modern Square Dance has morphed from the single Traditional Square Dance program of 25 calls (dance steps) to ten programs and over 500 calls. But don't let that number scare you. Most dancers prefer the Mainstream program which uses only 67 calls.

MYTH #2: I can't dance - I have no rhythm and two left feet!

If you can walk and listen at the same time, you can square dance!  There's no fancy footwork and no one leads the dance.  This is team dancing with a group of eight friends.  Fixing "the square" when something goes wrong is  part of the fun!

MYTH #3: All the women wear poofy skirts.

Not all of them.  Come as you are - casual, dressy, western or traditional outfits.  The choice is yours.  Important to wear comfortable, indoor shoes that protect your feet and the floor.

MYTH #4: It's all fiddle music.

Nope! You'll hear all genres including rock, pop, blues, classical, salsa, country & more.  All music with a strong beat works for square dancing.

MYTH #5: There's no exercise benefit.

Not true!  You'll get the same benefits as low impact aerobics. It's easy to clock 7000+ steps in an evening of dance.  And it's a challenging workout for the mind, too.


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and discover why we believe today's Square Dance is the best social recreation you'll ever find! Drop us a line if you have more questions - we'd love to hear from you.