a taste of SQUARE dancing & dessert



This is an open invitation for  one free introductory session, any Wednesday, 7pm, during our dance season, October to April, at Westmount School Gym, 220 Wheatland Trail, Strathmore.  

For singles and couples, no experience needed.  Enjoy our dessert table and refreshments. 

Pre-registration is not required - drop by with your friends to try out today's Square Dancing. 

What To Expect

  • FUN!
  • SINGLES & COUPLES - mixed ages.
  • CASUAL, FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE - no dress code.
  • GREAT MUSIC - Rock, Pop, C&W, Latin, Blues and more. 
  • EASY! “Two left feet”? No problem! No fancy footwork or lead/follow partner. If you can walk and listen at the same time, you can do this! 
  • ACTIVE - Same benefits as low-impact aerobics.
  • NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED - Step-by-step instruction by professional instructor.

Want More?

Join us EVERY Wednesday - same time, same place during dance season, October to April. 

Learn the full program at your own pace.  $6/person/session.

Word On the Street

"We were new in town and it was an easy way to meet people."

"It's my stress reliever. I have so much fun and I always leave smiling."

"I LOVE the music - everything from country to rock, even salsa."

" It's the perfect night out - great exercise, brain gym, fun people and easy on the wallet."